Shree Vitthal Kanya Kelavni Mandal, Nadiad

The Statue of

Veer Vitthalbhai Patel

Established on
7th April, 1947

Inaugurated by
Shree Kanaiyalal Munshi

Vitthal Kanya Vidhyalay

Inaugurated by
Pujya Gandhiji on 31st May, 1935

Building inaugurated by
Shree Sardar Patel
on 10th March,1942


PTC College

Foundation stone laid by
Dr. Rajendraprasad
on 15th December,1960

Inaugurated by
Shree Morarjibhai Desai
on 13th June,1962


Girls' Hostel

Sincere effortrs of Sardar Patel

Seth Mansukhlal Chhaganlal Trust donated Rs.57,000/-

Inaugurated by
Seth Jamnadas Bajaj
on 31st October, 1936



flower 5
The inauguration of Shree Vitthal Kanya Vidyalaya was held in Dharma Khand given by Pujay Shree Santram Maharaj of Shree Samtram Temple. With his blessings, Gandhiji inaugurated Shree Vitthal Kanya Vidyalaya on 31th May,1935. The classes were conducted in Dharma Khand till the new buildings were constructed. The organization is obliged for the grace of Shree Santram Maharaj.

During the initial year, Shree Dadubhai Purshottamdas Desai was the Precident, Darbar Shree Gopaldas Ambaidas Desai and Shree Gokaldas Dwarkadas Talati were Vice Precident, Shree Ravjibhai Manibhai Patel and Shree Desaibhai Nathabhai Patel were the Secretaries and Darbar Shree Gopaldas Ambaidas Desai was the Chairman.

Well Wishers...

Flower 3 Mahatma Gandhi on 31st May, 1935

The field of his services was very large. He aborned the seat as chairman/commissioner of Mumbai Corporation. He struggled in Mumbai and Shimla by keeping the nation in his focus. There was one thing common between us: To live fully for the nation and be ready to die for her.

Flower 3 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

This Organization is born in revolution. So, it contains large responsibility.
A Special type of pride comes with money. We have to learn how a poor man can live happy and peaceful life.
There must not be racism in our institution. There should not be racial discrimination. you all should live as the daughters of same parents.We should live like a family. Digest as much as possible from this and try to apply accrodingly.

Flower 2 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Among the donations which I have received up to now, this is more important for me because it is mingled with the labour. Now-a-days, labour is considered as an inferior work in society but it contains the true personality. Labour has not been given any place in our education. Now we should include it. Every person should do labour.
What should I tell fro the institution which is blessed by pujya Bapu, guided by Shri Sardar Patel and has been governed by Shri Morarjibhai as well as Kumari Maniben.

Flower 3 Shree Dr. Rajendraprasad in 1961

The work of women education in this institute, do it continue. If you do so, the work of women education with the blessings and the way shown by ghandhiji for this institute, it will not only helpful for vidhayalay only of Gujarat but also for the other provinces outside Gujarat.

Flower 3 Shree Morarjibhai Desai on 13th June, 1956

Having seen the environment of this institute, I am with full faith that the girls who would go from here, will taqke real education with them and they will shine the activities of the organization.

Flower 1 Shree Jamnalal Bajaj on 31st October, 1936.

This institution ha been built in the memory of the late Vitthalbhai Patel. As far as my belief is concerned, the management will keep the same thought in mind.

Flower 1 Shree Motibhai N. Amin

This Organization has taken up as well as successfully completed important work of women education which I could not do in my life. The experiment of women education could have been successfully applied only if a large sum of donation should have been provided.
Otherwise there is a threat that institution will stop progressing because of economic reasons. I do understand throughly how difficult and critical it is to establish an institution. For, that only, I appeal everyone to help and get this institution donated as much as possible.

Flower 3 Shree Dhebarbhai

It won't harm the country if she has less number of political persons. Perhaps it will provide a little peace. But the most important requirement for this country is of the brothers and sisters and true teachers who are commited to real education.
I have faith that this institution is ranked one of the top most institutes in Gujarat. This institute has impressed the visitors in a way that it has opened up a new chapter in direction of women education in Gujarat.

Flower 3 Shree Giriraj Kishor

Vitthal Kanya Vidhayalay is a model for the all-round education for our girls. The institution established on the aims of this, can fulfill the needs regarding the number.